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CIAHE 26th China International Animal Husbandry Expo 2019

 CIAHE 26th China International Animal Husbandry Expo 2019
           Date: Apr. 21-22, 2019     Venue: Harbin International Exhibition Center
CIAHE 26th China (Northeast) International Animal Husbandry Expo 2019 (hereinafter referred to as: CIAHE) is scheduled to be held at Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 21 to 22, 2019.
CIAHE will be jointly sponsored by Heilongjiang Animal Husbandry Association, Heilongjiang Dairy Association, Heilongjiang Feed Industry Association and Harbin Dairy Association; co-organized by Liaoning Dairy Association, Jilin Animal Husbandry Association, Inner Mongolia Dairy Association and Heilongjiang Meat Association, as well as undertaken by Harbin Jinmu Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.
Since 1992, CIAHE has been held for 25 sessions (every year a session), with an accumulative total of more than 5,000 exhibitors and more than 500,000 exhibition audiences. Now it has become a well-known animal husbandry fair in China and has obtained the high recognition and well reputation in the whole industry. The planned exhibition space for the CIAHE is 32,000 square meters and it will invites more than 600 exhibitors. Most of the invited exhibitors are industry leaders, and the exhibited products are more focused on technology, intelligence and practicality.
Review 2018
Exhibition space:24,000sqm 
Professional visitors:36,000 
Non-professional visitors:5,000 
Online activities:  3 
Online attendance: 2,800,000 
Conference and Forum:4
Marketing Analysis
Heilongjiang Province, the host place of the CIAHE, has a fertile and wide Songnen Plain and Sanjiang Plain, its cultivated land area is 15.93 million hectares, ranking first in China. The province's total grain output is the top of the whole country for recent seven consecutive years, becoming a dominant development area for animal husbandry, and attracting leading domestic animal husbandry enterprises to invest and build factories.
The province's dairy herds ranks fourth in China, the production of raw milk ranks second in China, and the sell rates of beef cattle, pigs, meat sheep and poultry rank 5th, 14th, 11th and 15th respectively in China. Infant formula milk powder production accounts for a quarter of the country. In 2017, the output of meat, eggs and milk in Heilongjiang Province reached 2.59 million tons, 1.14 million and 4.65 million tons, respectively, ranking 15th, 10th and 2nd in China. The animal husbandry achieved an output value of 185.2 billion RMB, ranking the fifth in the country, accounting for 32.6% of the agricultural output value; achieving an added value of 69.5 billion RMB, and accounting for 4.3% of the province's GDP. Annual converted grain of the livestock industry is up to 15 billion kilograms
Exhibits Categories
1. High-quality animal products (meat, eggs, milk, dairy,animal leather, fur products and their products); animal product processing and refrigeration equipment, traceability system, food safety testing equipment.
2. The animal husbandry products at home and abroad, commercial animal husbandry breeding, seeding & semen, and genetic breeding and their production materials.
3. Feed, feed processing machinery & equipment and accessories, feed quality testing equipment, computer control system and hardware & software, feed formulation technology, feed technology, etc.
4. Veterinary drugs, vaccines, animal health products, biological products and their production, processing, packaging machinery, equipment, materials, veterinary equipment, etc.
5. Grassland industry and its highly-processed products, forage seeds, silage and strains, pasture grass machinery, grass technology, etc.
6. Animal husbandry production and machinery, equipment, equipment, utensils, engineering, etc. related to the breeding industry.
7. The scientific and technological achievements in the animal husbandry 
8. Biomass energy 
9. Packaging and transportation 
10. Integrated services in the animal husbandry industry, 
11. Animal husbandry and environmental protection exhibition areas 
12, The investment in the animal husbandry industry 
Forum and conference:
 The 2nd Harbin Pig Industry Summit
 China New Products & New Technology Conference in the Animal Husbandry
World Dairy Forum China
Meat Processing, Meat Engineering Technology Exchange Meeting in Animal Husbandry Industry
Poultry Industry Development Forum in Northeast
Goose Industry Development Forum in Longjiang
Rabbit Industry Forum in Longjiang
Sheep Industry Forum in Longjiang
International Contact:
InterChina (Guangzhou) International Exhibition Co., Ltd
No.301, Hongqi Avenue, Harbin, China 
No.243, Sha Tai Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
Tel: 86-20-61200875
Mobile: 86-15013161291
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